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About Us

NBN Global Limited was established in May 2016 by Mr. NITIN BANSAL in Hong Kong. Hong Kong being window to mainland china, having world class logistics facility, trade friendly infrastructure etc. NBN Global Limited is a General trading company based in Hong Kong and is engaged in the Imports and Exports of Ferrous and Non- Ferrous Metals, Readymade Garments, Electronics, Aqua Products.

Our Mission

We are a diversified trading company based out of Hong Kong and cater emerging markets of Eupore, UK, Singapore, China Middle East, Bangladesh and other Asian countries. We believe in long term relationship with our business partners, focusing on our commitment as an effective supply chain solutions provider by connecting sources of supplies to the needs of buyers, delivering without compromising quality and time and honoring our obligations every time, end to end, with full satisfaction for all parties in the chain

Our Vision

NBNGLOBAL has vision to focus on 100% customer satisfaction by delivering the high quality of goods on timely manner at a very competitive price with International Standards. NBNGLOBAL family wants to be world class supply chain solution provider, maintaining consistent quality along with profitability without compromising our life-long commitment to sustainability of our Mother Nature for future generations.

High Quality

We are known for meeting the specific need of our customer. We will continue to evaluate our offerings which will suit both the technical and economic needs of our customers. Our multitalented brains provide techno-economical viable situation to our customers.


We will continue to focus on our supplier’s as well as customer’s expectation by being efficient in its Financial, Technical & Operational offerings. Tools for efficiency and capability development is nothing but continuous learning efforts at each level of our organization.


Our team will always focus on governance and management of risks and ensure that we comply with all the statutory as well as social regulations in the countries we function. Working transparently with our Employees, Community, Suppliers, Customers, Professionals and any one directly/indirectly related to us is our priority.


We are oriented towards fulfilling our customers’ needs and are committed to provide the highest level of after-sales service to our customers’ satisfaction. We strive relentlessly to improve and adopt the best practices to maintain our competitive edge as the best in class service provider. We think long-term, we act fast, we build capabilities and deliver solutions.